The production of 1000 tons of tuff sand stone production line

The production of 1000 tons of tuff sand stone production line

project overview

Processing materials: tuff
Equipment configuration:ZSW vibration feeder, DC series high-efficiency European jaw crusher, DMC composite cone crusher, YK vibrating screen
This is our tailor-made production line, for a user is screening, although only two kinds of jaw crusher and DMC compound cone crusher sand and gravel equipment, but in combination with multiple screening, can accurate classification for the material, this production line can produce 4 at the same time the specifications of the stone: 0 to 5 mm, 5-10 mm, 10-20 mm, 20-30 mm, production line for an hour, 1000-1200 tons capacity, fully conforms to produce 1000 tons of production requirements.

Project Advantages

1. Green environmental protection and low energy consumption

2. Structure upgrade high quality requirements

3. Automation upgrade is highly intelligent

4. Digital processing in modern processing base

5. Optimize and design the integrated control system

6. One-stop pre-sale and after-sales service to ensure the maximum benefit of customers

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